October 18, 2013

In Support of Independent Artists

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I came upon a tweet this week by Lisa Congdon, an artist and blogger whose work I love. It simply stated “@CodyFosterAndCo has blatantly ripped off my artwork on their products without permission or compensation.” Lisa referenced this unauthorized use through the flickr stream Indieripoffs, who posted this image showing Lisa’s original designs next to items in Cody Foster & Co.’s product catalog:


Where do I come in to all of this and why am I talking about it here? Because I sell items from Cody Foster & Co. in my shop. At least I used to. My initial disgust at what was being done to Lisa turned into great concern when I learned that they are, and have been, copying from many other artists as well. One in particular is Cassandra Smith, one of my favorite artists that I carry in the shop. See how they transferred her painted antler designs onto ornaments:


Ugh. It’s just so gross.

Effective immediately, I have removed any items produced by Cody Foster & Co. from the shop. As a reference, they include the following:














There was also a collection that I recently ordered from them that never made it onto the site. It was a collection of wood-mounted small felt animal heads. For an idea of what these look like, take a look at the work of Canadian-based artist Sabine Alpers.

I was an unwitting accessory to these crimes against authenticity and I cannot continue to be a part of it. I realize my small protest won’t mean much to Cody Foster & Co.’s bottom line. (I’ll leave that to the big guns at West Elm). But what it means to me is that, in my small way, I can continue to support the independent artists that I feature at Home Remedy. In addition to Lisa and Cassandra, there is so much original and exciting work being produced by talents such as Tara Hogan, Laura Zindel, Jason Russell, and Xenia Taler, to name only a few. As a shop owner, I will strive to make better choices in featuring products that showcase their inspiring talent.

–Yelena Cardinal, Founder of Home Remedy NYC, Inc.

November 2, 2012

Introducing Cassandra Smith Antlers

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We are so excited to introduce these painted antlers by Cassandra Smith to the shop!

Cassandra Smith is an artist based in Milwaukee, WI that works with cruelty-free, naturally shed deer antlers. Every year deer shed their antlers and re-grow new ones. These shed antlers are found lying in the woods of North America. Cassandra then puts her unique stamp on them by applying various shades and patterns of acrylic paint, creating an object that beautifully combines nature with the artistic process. Such a great design element in any room and with the holidays quickly approaching, they would make a great gift! Each unique antler ranges in length from 8 to 12.5 inches and can be found here.

October 4, 2012

Introducing Plane Paper

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We are so excited to introduce Plane Paper stationers to the shop!

Partners and designers Virginia and Mishayla founded Plane Paper in 2011 after becoming friends studying architecture in college and realizing a mutual vision for depth through layers and pop-out elements. We love their fall and holiday series’ that can be incorporated throughout the year.











The Bats and Spider Web Halloween designs offer just the right amount of cute and creepy, while the Day of the Dead card is beautifully intricate.

Ready or not, winter holidays are just around the corner and the Dear Head and Tri-Fold Lights are just the right designs to get you in the spirit!














All images courtesy of Plane Paper. Photography by Garrett Cortese.

July 31, 2012

Etsy and Pinterest

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We love the sense of community that Etsy offers to budding entrepreneurs, so we thought we’d mix things up a bit and offer a selection of our vintage collection in a newly opened Etsy shop called Home Remedy Vintage. We will periodically switch items up between our shop here and the Etsy shop, so please be sure to check out both sites for the complete collection.

We are also big fans of Pinterest and couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon.

Please be sure to check us out and, hey, maybe even follow.

May 24, 2012

International Contemporary Furniture Fair and National Stationery Show 2012

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During our visit to the Javits Center this year for the annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair and National Stationery Show we met some new designers with exciting projects, and discovered new work from established companies.

We loved this paper butterfly wall at Soho Paper‘s booth. Although we did not get many images at the NSS, we were so excited about the work of a number of lines this year: Coral & Tusk, Plane Paper, and Grey Cardigan to name a few. Keep an eye out for some of their designs to turn up in our shop soon!

One of our favorite discoveries at the show was Far Found. They are a group of designers from varying backgrounds whose goal is to “produce contemporary furniture imbued with the richness of global culture.” Each collection they produce is made and inspired by the people and culture of a specific country. Their first, Viva, “was designed to reflect the striking Colombian proclivity to infuse celebration into everyday life,” and was manufactured by craftsmen in Bogota. The combination of materials is what struck us the most: metal combined with wood and other materials was a big trend throughout the show, but the addition here of colorful hammock fabrics was a surprising element. We can’t wait to see their future collections.

A clever way to store and organize shoes from Shrine Rack.

Mixed materials continue to be a huge trend. Loved these wood and metal “Twig” chairs from San Francisco-based Council.

The Molo booth is usually a visual and tactile feast, but this year they added sound to their repertoire with a beautiful blue sound studio.

How the room works.

A view from inside the room. Yes, we featured these lights last year, but they’re just so good!

Lindsey Adelman has been a fixture at ICFF for a number of years. Her studio opened in 2006 with a focus on hand-blown glass and brass lighting. Her booth (funny to call it that as it was so much more) was an impressive representation of how her collection has grown and evolved. We especially loved the DIY section that was set up next to her showroom of new works. There was an artisan there with all of the tools and materials laid out in front of him just ready to be pieced together in new and exciting ways. This likely ties into the section of her web site called “You Make It” that allows for the user to create their own piece with the materials provided. Such a brilliant way to connect with the artisan and their process.

Love, love, love this little guy.

Great examples of the wire trend in furniture from Bend.

A few more inspiring designers and design companies that we loved: Egg Collective (beautiful mixed-material furniture), Apparatus (unique lighting), Christopher Roy (clever furniture), Pierre Ospina (more unique lighting), Matthew Plumstead (colorful valets). A visit to the ICFF/NSS never fails to inspire.


May 17, 2012

Brimfield 2012

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We made our annual pilgrimage to the antique show in Brimfield, MA last week and came away with some unique vintage finds (to be featured in the shop soon!) as well as some great inspirations. Much like the discoveries, you never know what type of weather you will find in Brimfield in May. Our days there were some of the rainiest in recent years, but it didn’t keep the vendors and treasure-seekers away. It just made for muddy rain boots and gloomy-looking photographs. Nevertheless, we tried to capture some of the interesting sights and recurring themes of last week’s fair.

There were some stunning cabinets and storage pieces. Love the glass doors on these drawers.

 Great examples of vertical and horizontal storage.

Industrial porthole mirrors.

Some of the dealers really put a lot of thought and effort into their presentation, merchandising their tents like savvy store owners. These were three of our favorites.

Here’s a little shot of color.

These things sometimes happen.

Vintage bikes were everywhere. This was one of the prettiest.

This year’s surprising trend (at least to us anyway) was Mercedes Benz grills. Anyone have any ideas about that one?

You, too, can have your very own carriage (sans horse) for $6,000. It really was beautiful.

 Cute, no?

Even though the weather made things a little more challenging, Brimfield never disappoints. Already looking forward to next year!


May 4, 2012

Introducing Syrk Tableware by Jason Russell

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We are so excited to be the first store to carry Jason Russell’s lovely Syrk Tableware collection!

Featured on Design*Sponge last year, Jason’s ceramic designs manage to be somehow simple, beautiful, modern and classic at the same time.

This piece is labeled as an ice bucket, but as with most of Jason’s pieces it can be used for so much more. Serve ice, use as a centerpiece, place a bouquet in it, or just leave it be as a lovely objet d’art.

This is the 88 Cup, originally intended as an espresso cup (check out how the exterior lip was glazed for easy sipping), but can also be used as a salt cellar, for ice cream, or to hold coins. We think it would be the perfect place to grow a tiny succulent.

So beautifully crafted, we were immediately struck by the quality workmanship of each piece. This limited collection is available in the shop now. The selection is small for the time being, but we sense big things for Jason in the future and can’t wait to see what this talent comes up with next!

May 2, 2012

Lostine Baguette Boards have arrived!

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One of our favorite trends lately is beautifully crafted wooden cutting boards. These baguette cutting boards from Lostine are a brilliant example.

Handcrafted in Philadelphia from Pennsylvania sycamore, these long boards are finished in a food-safe milk paint. Their shapes and colors call to mind a cool maritime/nautical quality. Makes you want to cut and serve baguettes off a New England fishing boat, or in a Malibu surf lodge.  Either option makes total sense to us. Ranging in price from $88 to $158 and 16-34″ long, the four sizes are available here.

And keep an eye out for more lovely cutting boards from Lostine soon!

March 14, 2012

Animation and the Oscars

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We’ve always loved awards shows. The pomp and circumstance, the fashion, the inspiring performances, the potential acceptance-speech meltdowns, and the odd displays of protruding appendages (what was up with that, Angelina?). They rarely fail to give us fodder for discourse. But one of the best things we take away from these events every year is an introduction to new and inspiring works in the field of animation. The Oscar presentation a few weeks ago was no exception.

A couple of the Animated Short nominees this year caught our attention. The first was A Morning Stroll by Grant Orchard. Based loosely on a tale recounted in Paul Auster’s book True Tales of American Life, the film tells the story of one New Yorker’s early morning encounter with a chicken that plays out over 100 years.

We are struck by the use of different types of animation to depict the different periods of time.







Plus, we love the look on that chicken’s face when it turns around.

The Best Animated Short Film winner this year was The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. According to their website, “inspired in equal measures, by Hurricane Katrina, Buster Keaton, The Wizard of Oz, and a love for books, ‘Morris Lessmore’ is a story of people who devote their lives to books and books who return the favor.” Sounds pretty cool.








The film is another example of the use of various styles of animation from miniatures to computer animation and 2D animation.








Check out the trailer to see it all come together.


These got us thinking about some previous Oscar contenders. For an example of feature-length animated brilliance, one of our favorites from a few years ago is Persepolis. The film, based on a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, is the story of a young Iranian girl coming of age during the Iranian Revolution.

Not only is the animation (predominantly black and white) beautifully done, the story is totally engrossing and captivating.









But our all-time favorite by far has to be The Triplets of Belleville by Sylvain Chomet.

A gem of a movie that employs a rich, yet retro, animation style, the story slowly and beautifully works its magic on you from beginning to end.
















If you’ve never seen it (or heard of it, for that matter), get your hands on a copy as soon as possible. Possibly the most beautiful, funny, touching, heartfelt portrayal of familial love ever filmed (animated or otherwise).

February 27, 2012

Beat Up Creations have arrived!

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We are so excited to introduce Angela Rossi’s Beat Up Creation plates to the shop!

Angela takes orphaned and unloved antique and vintage plates and turns them into new modern portraits using her images of regal and haughty fauna, or the occasional bad-ass royal. Sure you can use them as serving plates, but we prefer to have them on our walls looking down at us like some kind of surrealist menagerie.

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